3 authentic features of City Mania


If you are looking for the game where the player needs to build the building, then take a trial of City Mania. Gameloft develops it for the Android and iOS platform. The game is similar to the SimCity game. Here the player needs to maintain the city and try to explore the several places for making the city attractive.

Through the playing section, the player will meet with several aspects like funny characters, decoration things, and many more. For making the playing perspective attractive, then players need to unlock the characters and buy some decorating things.


When it comes to features, then the game performs several functions, and each of them has some interesting aspects. These are:

Built the city

Here the player will get the chance to make the city according to their choice. That means one can do several changes to make a perfect city. Moreover, if the players want, then they can decorate the city by making several buildings and houses. Through this, the people of the town may not face any problems.

Meet with a new family

In the playing section, the players need to make a family where you need to live. Through this, if you want, then invite the friend to play the role of family members. As we have read in the above paragraph that the game is consist of several exciting characters. So you have the choice to select some of them with different personality for making the family.


Through the game, one can make all the features upgrade. However, the players have some free chances to improve the characters and elements. Whatever the upgrading aspect the gamer wants they can buy they need to pay some coins.

So, these are some features of the game which the players need to know. Try the game and make a perfect city.