Setting up and promoting your travel business online

Most people enjoy travelling. It is amongst the most popular hobbies worldwide. It has almost become a default in resumes. People take some soul searching tours. Solo travellers are growing in numbers these days. Road trip movie category never wears thin.

From National Lampoons to Planes, Trains and Automobiles to Little Miss Sunshine, people love these comedies, owing to the amount of travelling done. Travel related literature is always held in high regards. Underneath all that personal interest, there are business interests as well. Travels and tours form the backbone of economy in some regions.

Travel and tourism is an ever booming business. It always serves you well, just like the food and clothing industry. Like restaurants and clothing stores, a hotel or beach shack can always be a lucrative business option. This post should get you started on your own travel business.

More than 43% of the bookings are done through online travel agencies. We are taking in range of $600 billion in here. People take their phones out to plan and book their tours in matter of minutes. Here we present the top tips for setting up and promoting your travel business online.

Tips for launching your travel business online

#Tip 1: Post videos on every itinerary. Talk about the place and its culture. Talk about the journey and logistics. Take requests prior to making these videos. For super specific enquiries, make video replies personally. The videos make conversion rates to skyrocket.

#Tip 2: Understand your demographics. Know your immediate 5-6 domestic geographies. Know your immediate international tour geographies. These are the territories, you will get business form. Know the high activity periods of your tour geographies and their booking pattern.

#Tip 3: Know the needs of different demographic. Some region would look for add-on values. Another region would be more interested in sightseeing. An American might be completely different traveller than say, Chinese or Indian traveller.

#Tip 4: Have a streamlined package and presentation for your potential clientele. Align to their working hours, talk the language, currency and system. Modern tools allow you to display geographical location based time zones and currencies based on IP ranges.

#Tip 5: Create a variety of packages. When you know the demographics of your business, you can create appropriate packages. Create packages based on booking seasons, destination and place your business comes from. Have focused packages to appeal to leisure-seekers, history & architecture enthusiasts, spiritual travellers, etc…

Promoting your travel business online

#Tip 1: Promote extensively on all popular social media channels. Use popular and trending hashtags while posting on Instagram and Twitter. Use high quality photos and clips from tour destinations.

#Tip 2: Invest in advertising online. Pay for Google ads and Facebook ads. Create your listings on popular classifieds. Nothing matches the old school proper advertisement. It makes people see you as legit.

#Tip 3: Notify about your travel business to your social networks. Email your networks personally. Let your friends and family know you are that guy, whom they have to call when planning a tour.